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3 Million British Expats Abroad Could be Empowered by DIDXchange

British Expats Empowered by DidXchange

Super Technologies, Inc. announces wholesale telephony-related companies can join DIDXchange marketplace and take advantage of 1000 United Kingdom DIDs at $200 USD per month. United Kingdom's capital London is a global financial hub for international business, making it an ideal place to at least have a virtual presence via a "local phone number."

"What other reasons do individuals and organizations ask their telephone or other type of voice service provider for a UK phone number (DID or direct inward dialing) even though they do not physically live or work in the UK? Current events and trends show why it might be beneficial to have a UK phone number, so that people in the UK can dial a UK number belonging to the end-user of wholesale DIDX.net member. The call will reach the end-user wherever the DIDX.net member enables and the end-user chooses," stated Suzanne Bowen, vice president of Super Technologies, Inc.

First, United Kingdom's assets include the North Sea oil and gas reserves. Its industries such as wholesale and retail trade, hotels and restaurants; transport, storage and communication; financial services, real estate and letting, education, and public administration and defense are healthy and of huge value.

Next, UK has built an empire and has been key to spreading fandom around the world in rugby, cricket, golf, tennis, squash, rounders, hockey, boxing, billiards and curling. Having a local phone number of UK will enable those whose business is related to and/or contingent to UK sports, but those businesses are outside of UK, to establish a presence in UK.

In addition, millions of international tourists and businesspeople find themselves in a stopover during trans-continental flights or actually choosing to spend several days in UK as popular vacation spot. Tourism agencies, airlines, and other businesses in the hospitality or transportation industry will be empowered with new possibilities via owning a local UK phone number even though, the agencies, airlines and other businesses are physically outside of the UK.

Human resources and social and familial structures can capitalize on the power of local presence in UK via a local UK phone number. According to the UK Borders and Immigration Agency in 2009, more Filipino nurses are now leaving for the United Kingdom to work than those going to the United States over the past three years as immigration policies continue to impede demand for foreign nurses in America. Any non-UK citizen wishing to marry a UK citizen needs to pass a government English test first.

Much of UK experiences cooler temperatures during more months of the year, so that "lifestyle migrants" that move abroad in search of a better way of life include the increasing number of pensioners that move to hotter countries, because of the climate and lower cost of living.

Studies in 2006 by the Institute for Public Policy Research, published on the BBC News website show that more than 5.5 million British expatriates now live abroad and the trend towards expatriation seems to be accelerating. It is not surprising that British companies are also leading the way when it comes to creating special expatriate services.

As an example, many of the worldwide expatriate health insurance companies and expatriate banking providers are based in the UK. Despite their original focus on British expatriates, these companies are now serving many expatriates from other countries as well, often fulfilling the needs that are not covered by service providers from companies in their home country.

Companies who offer services like Vonage, Skype, Verizon, British Telecom, Starhub, PCCW, Zain, and Google Voice can sign up and join DIDXchange. Each wholesale member has access to buy millions of DID voip phone numbers from over seventy countries and if they wish to sell to other members... access to over 17,000 buyer members.

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