Liz McMillan

Steadfast specializes in flexible cloud environments, infrastructure hosting, and a full suite of reliable managed services and security. Complemented by expert consultation at all stages of design and deployment to maintenance and expansion planning, Steadfast delivers high-qual... (more)
Nutanix for DevOps: Agility from Technology Download session slides Here In today's always-on world, customer expectations have changed. Competitive differentiation is delivered through rapid software innovations, the ability to respond to issues quickly and by releasing high-qua... (more)
Dynamic Infrastructure and The Cloud  Adventures in Keeping Your Application Scale Register for this session ▸ Here Keeping an application running at scale can be a daunting task. When do you need to add more capacity? Larger databases? Additional servers? These que... (more)
Security Past the Perimeter: An Immune System for the Cloud Register for this session ▸ Here In an age of borderless networks, security for the cloud and security for the corporate network can no longer be separated. Security teams are now presented with the challenge of monitor... (more)
Conversational Things - How Ambient Devices and Frictionless Engagement Are Transforming Our Lives A strange thing is happening along the way to the Internet of Things, namely far too many devices to work with and manage. It has become clear that we'll need much higher efficien... (more)
Blockchain Is Not Solving Real Problems Register for this sessions ▸ Here In very short order, the term "Blockchain" has lost an incredible amount of meaning. With too many jumping on the bandwagon, the market is inundated with projects and use cases that miss the real potential... (more)
DevSecOps: The Open Source Way Register for this session ▸ Here DevOps purists may chafe at the DevSecOps term given that security and other important practices are supposed to already be an integral part of routine DevOps workflows. But the reality is that security often gets m... (more)
Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Delivering on Cloud Storage-as-a-Service for a Major Asia Pacific Telco In his session at 21st Cloud Expo, Michael Burley, a Senior Business Development Executive in IT Services at NetApp, described how NetApp designed a ... (more)
ClaySys Technologies is one of the leading application platform products in the ‘No-code' or ‘Metadata Driven' software business application development space. The company was founded to create a modern technology platform that addressed the core pain points related to the tradi... (more)
Serverless Architecture: Separating Logic From Plumbing and Paving the Way to Decentralized Execution Register for this Session ▸ Here Technological progress can be expressed as layers of abstraction - higher layers are built on top of lower layers treating them as abstract blac... (more)
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